By default report is generated at <workingdir>/webtau.report.html . To change the location use --reportPath option.


Out of the box report provides high level information like number of failed tests and HTTP Operations coverage.

Test Summary

Selected test to see a summary information about test run


Report is a self contained single page application. Url tracks your navigation through screens, so you can share url with your teammates to narrow down a problem.

Additional Reports

To generate custom reports or upload report data to your server, specify a reportGenerator config property. url = "http://localhost:8080" reportGenerator = Report.&generateReport Where Report.&generateReport is implemented as following package scenarios.rest.report import org.testingisdocumenting.webtau.console.ConsoleOutputs import org.testingisdocumenting.webtau.console.ansi.Color import org.testingisdocumenting.webtau.reporter.WebTauReport import static org.testingisdocumenting.webtau.WebTauDsl.cfg class Report { static void generateReport(WebTauReport report) { def reportPath = cfg.workingDir.resolve('report.txt') ConsoleOutputs.out('generating report: ', Color.PURPLE, reportPath) reportPath.toFile().text = report.tests.size() } }