Base URL

Robust tests don't specify the full URL of an application under test. Instead you only pass a relative URL to functions like open . package scenarios.ui import static org.testingisdocumenting.webtau.WebTauGroovyDsl.* scenario('simple open') {"/search") $('#welcome').should == 'welcome to super search' } Define base URL either inside a webtau.cfg.groovy file url = "http://localhost:8180" or pass as a command line argument --url=http://...

Browser Only Base URL

When you use url parameter you set base url for both REST and UI testing.Use browserUrl to specify UI only base url. This can be handy when your backend and frontend live separately.

Browser Id

Use browserId via command line, or a config file parameter to specify which browser to use. webtau --browserId=firefox Note: Default browserId is chrome