Finders in webtau is the initial web element selection that could select one or more elements.

CSS Finder

Use $ to select an element by a given css selector ( Read W3Schools CSS selectors to learn all kind of CSS selection techniques). def welcomeMessage = $('#welcome') welcomeMessage.should == 'hello' If more than one element is matched, the first one will be used for actions and assertions. def menu = $('ul li a') menu.should == 'book' While click and sendKeys will always work on a first element only, the matchers can work with a list of things. def menu = $('ul li a') menu.should == ['book', 'orders', 'help'] Note: declaring element this way will not trigger element search right away.


You can use filters to narrow down elements selected by finders.Filter comes in a way of get method. Parameter is one of the followingElement number Element text Element regexp def ordersMenu = $('ul li a').get(2) ordersMenu.should == 'orders' def ordersMenu = $('ul li a').get('orders') ordersMenu.should == 'orders' def ordersMenu = $('ul li a').get(~/ord/) ordersMenu.should == 'orders'


After you filtered, you can use finders again to find nested elements. def ordersMenu = $('ul li').get(2).find('a') ordersMenu.should == 'orders'