Webtau is JVM based API and it uses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_Database_Connectivity#:~:text=Java%20Database%20Connectivity%20(JDBC)%20is,used%20for%20Java%20database%20connectivity. JDBC interface behind the scenes to connect to a database.You don't need to know how to use JDBC API as webtau expose higher level APIs, but you will need to understand how to build JDBC connection url to be able to connect to a database.

Primary Database

Primary DB config used when execute operations using db.update , db.query , etc, without specifying data source name. import groovy.grape.Grape Grape.grab(group:'com.h2database', module: 'h2', version: '1.4.200', // auto download DB driver dependency (in this case H2 db) classLoader: ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader()) dbUrl = "jdbc:h2:file:~/customerdb/h2-db;AUTO_SERVER=TRUE" // primary DB JDBC connection url dbDriverClassName = "org.h2.Driver" // JDBC driver class name dbUserName = "sa" dbPassword = "password"