Files Reference Lookup

When you refer to a file using plugins like :include-file: my-file.cpp Znai tries to find the file in following locations:directory with the markup file that refers my-file.cpp documentation root directory locations enumerated inside <doc-root>/lookup-paths file txt ../examples ../module/src/main/java

Class Path Lookup

Znai is written using Java and can access resources from the classpath. Using class path lookup you can include snippets from projects deployed to, for example, Maven Central. <plugin> <groupId>org.testingisdocumenting.znai</groupId> <artifactId>znai-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>${project.version}</version> <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>junit</groupId> <artifactId>junit</artifactId> <version>${junit.version}</version> <classifier>sources</classifier> </dependency> </dependencies> </plugin> :include-java: org/junit/ {entry: "assertArrayEquals"} public static void assertArrayEquals(String message, Object[] expecteds, Object[] actuals) throws ArrayComparisonFailure { internalArrayEquals(message, expecteds, actuals); }

HTTP Lookup Location

If files you want to include are not part of your project, you can add an HTTP base URL to lookup-paths . txt ../examples ../module/src/main/java If the file is not found using local locations, it will be fetched from the provided urls. :include-file: .travis.yml language: java jdk: - openjdk8 - openjdk11 cache: directories: - $HOME/.m2 - $HOME/.npm - node_modules dist: xenial services: - xvfb addons: chrome: stable firefox: latest apt: packages: - graphviz # disables the default install step which is mvn install skipping tests install: true script: mvn -B verify -P code-coverage

CLI parameter

Use --lookup-paths CLI parameter to add additional paths to lookup files. Use it when lookup location can't be hardcoded. webtau --lookup-paths /extra/path-one:/extra/path-two