Use the include-json plugin to bring attention to a certain place in a JSON file. :include-json: book-store.json {paths: ["[0].category", "[2].category"]} Comma-separated paths specified inside paths will be highlighted.

Paths From File

Use pathsFile to specify a file to read paths from. :include-json: book-store.json {pathsFile: "book-store-paths.json"}

Json Subparts

To include only a portion of your document pass Json Path as include property: :include-json: book-store.json {include: "$[0,1]"}


To specify a title use the title property: :include-json: book-store.json {include: "$[0,1]", title: "Books"}

Read More

Use readMore to show only first lines of JSON . Optional readMoreVisibleLines can be specified to set the initial number of lines to display :include-json: book-store.json {readMore: true, readMoreVisibleLines: 5}

Hidden Parts

To hide sub-parts of your JSON use collapsedPaths property. :include-json: book-store.json {collapsedPaths: ['']}


To highlight a specific JSON value using paths , in (similar fashion to snippets/external-code-snippets#highlights regular code snippets), you can highlight a line by text matching or by providing a line index. :include-json: book-store.json {highlight: ["category", 2]}

Code References

You can turn parts of JSON into links to internal or external pages.

Test Results

Consider leveraging testing frameworks to extract JSON samples from your endpoints. Information about what assertions were made can be used to highlight points of interest.