Given a CSV file... label, value A, 10 B, 20 C, 15 D, 8 ..to build a pie chart use: :include-chart: data.csv {type: "Pie"} You can change the style with the innerRadius property: :include-chart: data.csv {type: "Pie", innerRadius: 100}


To build a vertical bar chart use: :include-chart: data.csv To build a horizontal bar chart use: :include-chart: data.csv {horizontal: true}


To build a line chart use: :include-chart: data.csv {type: "Line"}

Presentation Mode

In presentation mode, chart values for Bar and Pie appear one at a time. To force all values to appear at once use: :include-meta: {allAtOnce: true}

Victory Charts

Znai uses the https://github.com/FormidableLabs/victory-chart VictoryChart library to render charts.