Annotations File

:include-image: word-toolbar.jpg {annotationsPath: 'annotations.json'} {"shapes": [{"type": "arrow", "id":"a1", "beginX": 200, "beginY": 100, "endX": 48, "endY": 42, "color": "a", "text": "debug"}, {"type": "rectangle", "id":"r1", "x": 200, "y": 50, "width": 100, "height": 40, "color": "b", "text": "debug"}, {"type": "circle", "id": "c1", "x": 350, "y": 100, "r": 30, "color": "c", "text": "text"}]} There are different types of annotations:Circles Rectangles Arrows etc.

Integration With Testing

It is possible to generate an annotations file by using UI testing framework.For example webtau automatically generates an annotations file in addition to capturing a screenshot.

Presentation Mode

Annotated images automatically participate in presentation mode. Annotations appear one by one and scale to match the zoom level of a presentation.