Annotations File

:include-image: word-toolbar.jpg {annotationsPath: 'annotations.json'} {"shapes": [{"type": "arrow", "id":"a1", "beginX": 200, "beginY": 100, "endX": 48, "endY": 42, "color": "a", "text": "debug"}, {"type": "rectangle", "id":"r1", "x": 200, "y": 50, "width": 100, "height": 40, "color": "b", "text": "debug"}, {"type": "circle", "id": "c1", "x": 350, "y": 100, "r": 30, "color": "c", "text": "text"}]} There are different types of annotations:CirclesRectanglesArrowsetc.

Integration With Testing

It is possible to generate an annotations file by using UI testing framework.For example webtau automatically generates an annotations file in addition to capturing a screenshot.

Presentation Mode

Annotated images automatically participate in presentation mode. Annotations appear one by one and scale to match the zoom level of a presentation.