Code and Output

Use include-jupyter to include Jupyter notebook inside your documentation. :include-jupyter: jupyter/simple-notebook.ipynb Note: Remember that you can define lookup paths for files like notebooks inside flow/lookup-paths lookup-paths file, so you don't have to copy and paste notebooks to your documentation directory.


Markdown from your notebook will be seamlessly integrated into your current page. First level # headers will become part of Table Of Contents and part of a search unit. :include-jupyter: notebook-with-markdown-story.ipynb Note: below text is auto generated, including the Panda sectionDisplaying values using panda display Values can be displayed using standard console outputOr using library to render a html snippet

Two Sides

You will learn about the layout/two-sides-pages Two Sides Layout in the Layout section. If you are are curious now for examples, jump to layout/jupyter-notebook-two-sides Jupyter Two Sides example