Command Line Tool

Znai comes with a command line tool that:Generates a documentation website Runs auto-preview on a local server Runs documentation server


The fastest way to learn Markdown is to go to CommonMark website and go through a 60 second cheatsheet or 10 minute tutorial.


Download and unzip znai. Add it to your PATH . Note: brew support is currently in progress.


To create a minimum set of files for your documentation execute znai --new znai |--chapter-one | | |--chapter-two | | |--toc |--lookup-paths |--meta.json Use the znai-maven-plugin Maven plugin to scaffold docs in Maven project. <plugin> <groupId>org.testingisdocumenting.znai</groupId> <artifactId>znai-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>1.48</version> </plugin> mvn znai:new


Navigate to the newly created directory. Start preview mode by running: znai --preview [--port port-number] Or using Maven: mvn znai:preview The command will output a URL that directs to your preview.Blue eye icon in the top right corner indicates that preview is on. Open any text editor, modify and save file. Changes will be reflected in the browser. The default port number is 3333.


See deployment/static-content deployment strategy