An image can be included using standard Markdown syntax. ![alt text](regular-image.png) null regular-image.png alt text


Znai adds additional extension to provide additional information:caption annotations fit parameters


To add a caption at the top of an image use: :include-image: castle.jpg {caption: "Title of an image"} To add a caption at the bottom of an image use: :include-image: castle.jpg {caption: "Title of an image", captionBottom: true}


Use border: true to include a border around image. :include-image: image.png {border: true}


An unfitted image will occupy all available space:To fit the image to the width of a text use the fit parameter. :include-image: books.jpg {fit: true}

Scale Ratio

To scale image up or down use scaleRatio option, 1 is default, 0.5 is half image size. :include-image: books.jpg {scaleRatio: 0.3}


Use align option to align images left or right. :include-image: books.jpg {align: "left", scaleRatio: 0.3} :include-image: books.jpg {align: "right", scaleRatio: 0.3}