Feather Icons

Znai has integration with https://feathericons.com/ Feather Icons. Icons can be included using the inlined code plugin. `:icon: cloud` The result will appear in-lined in the current text Head over to https://feathericons.com/ https://feathericons.com/ to find the icon id.

Bullet Points

Icons can also be used as bullet points replacement: * `:icon: time` Time is important * `:icon: settings` Setup must be easy Time is important Setup must be easy


Use stroke parameter to set outline color. * `:icon: time {stroke: 'green'}` stroke: `green` * `:icon: cloud {stroke: 'blue'}` stroke: `blue` * `:icon: settings {stroke: 'yellow'}` stroke: `yellow` * `:icon: x-octagon {stroke: 'red'}` stroke: `red` stroke: green stroke: blue stroke: yellow stroke: red Use stroke parameter to set fill color. fill: red fill: red , stroke: 'black' Note: default stroke color is a text color, which may not look good in Dark theme. Use black color explicitly if you want the stroke color to be black in both Light and Dark themes.