Bullet points are an essential tool in the presentation of information. Frequent use of bullet points however may make documentation and presentation boring.You can change the way bullet points are rendered by using the meta plugin. :include-meta: {bulletListType: "BulletsListType"} * Testing * Design * Code Review * Documentation

Left Right Timeline

Use LeftRightTimeLine to outline your flow. This also splits related things by moving odd points to the left and even to the right. :include-meta: {bulletListType: "LeftRightTimeLine"} * Testing * Design * Code Review * Documentation TestingDesignCode ReviewDocumentation


Use Venn to display overlapping relationships.VelocityVolumeVariety


Use Steps to outline a procedure.Install IDEALearn JavaLearn Machine LearningUse differentColors: true to use distinct colors for each step :include-meta: {bulletListType: "Steps", differentColors: true} Install IDEALearn JavaLearn Machine Learning

Presentation Only

If you want to change bullets type only for presentation use: :include-meta: {presentationBulletListType: "BulletsListType"}

Horizontal Stripes

The following bullet points will be rendered as horizontal striped, but only in presentation mode. :include-meta: {presentationBulletListType: "HorizontalStripes"} Lessons LearnedFuture PlansBackup Strategy